about sensitive midwifery

Sensitive Midwifery aims to improve midwifery, pregnancy, birth, and parenting by providing midwives and associated maternity professionals with professional inspiration, updated evidence-based information, insights, and perspectives that highlight the benefits of natural, physiological, instinctive care of mothers and babies. This is done through three main initiatives; Sensitive Midwifery Symposium, Sensitive Midwifery Magazine, and Sensitive Midwifery Academy. In addition, regular research updates, useful tips, and relevant observations are posted on Sensitive Midwifery social media.

Sensitive Midwifery is the professional brand of the company Sister Lilian Centre (PTY) Ltd. It was born in 1996 when Lilian Paramor, better known as Sister Lilian, leading South African midwife and pregnancy and parenting advisor, noticed that many pregnancy, birth, and parenting difficulties could be prevented with a wholly different paradigm of care. There was a deficit in sensitive perinatal care, so she set out to improve this, initially for her personal clients, and later by reaching out to midwifery professionals across South Africa.

Sensitive Midwifery Symposium was the first of these initiatives. It soon grew, expanding its footprint to various South African cities and towns, to midwives from neighbouring countries, and even attracting delegates from other continents. In 2008, Sensitive Midwifery Magazine was born, enabling an even greater number of perinatal professionals to become part of the Sensitive Midwifery community. Educational initiatives under the Sensitive Midwifery Academy banner are also constantly being developed to ensure that the online and global midwifery markets can tap into the exceptional services on offer.